How Does QR Code Attribution Help Me Understand Customer Behavior?

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Jonathan Palley Sep 13, 2023
QR code attribution serves as a powerful tool in understanding customer behavior in the digital landscape. And if you are a Shopify store owner and you haven’t utilized this feature, then you are missing out on how it can help you interpret customer behavior.  
Remember that there is nothing constant in the online business landscape. Thus, understanding customer behavior is important.  
In this blog post, let’s explore how QR Code Generator Hub app for Shopify’s QR code attribution can offer valuable insight on customer’s actions and preferences.  

Unraveling the Basics of QR Code Attribution 

Let’s begin by discussing what QR Code attribution is.  

QR code attribution is the process of tracking and analyzing the scans of QR codes. Generally, these are dynamic QR codes which are more flexible compared to their counterpart – static QR codes.  

So why should you leverage this feature? 

Data and analytics play a crucial role in determining the success of many Shopify stores. And aside from the analysis from the eCommerce platform itself, QR Code Generator Hub app aims to elevate this.  

With this free Shopify app, store owners will have access to insights into how their customers engage with their QR code campaigns.  

Simply put, without QR code attribution, store merchants will have difficulty in evaluating the effectiveness of their campaign.  

What is the QR Code Generator Hub app for Shopify? 

Now that we understand what and why QR code attribution matters, let's talk about the QR Code Generator Hub app for Shopify.  

Unlike other apps, this free tool is the go-to choice for many e-commerce entrepreneurs, and it's for a good reason. But to sum it up, with this tool exhaustive processes become much simpler.  

QR Code Generator Hub app offers a range of features, aside from custom dynamic QR code creation.  

Inside the app, you get an instant overview of your QR code statistics. You can see how many scans you've had today, track the total scans over the last two weeks, and even discern how many orders came through your QR codes.  

It's like having a dashboard that tells you exactly what's happening to your store in a concise manner. 

Benefits of QR Code Attribution in Interpreting Customer Behavior 

Listed below are the benefits of utilizing QR code attribution for Shopify stores: 

Tracking Customer Engagement  

QR code attribution enables businesses to track and analyze customer engagement with QR codes. This includes the number of scans, when and where they occur, and the actions taken afterward.  

By deciphering these interactions, businesses gain insights into what piques customer interest. 

Assessing Marketing Campaigns 

QR codes are often used in marketing campaigns, and attribution helps assess their effectiveness.  

It allows you to attribute specific scans to particular campaigns. This knowledge is invaluable for evaluating which campaigns are driving customer engagement and conversions. 

Understanding Geographic Reach 

Detailed data analysis through QR code attribution reveals the geographic locations where scans occur. This geographical insight aids in tailoring marketing strategies to specific regions, adapting content to local preferences, and even expanding into new markets. 

Device and Browser Insights 

QR code attribution provides information on the types of devices and browsers used for scans. Knowing your audience's preferred devices and browsers helps in optimizing your website and ensuring a seamless user experience, thus enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Enhanced Targeting 

With QR code attribution, you can delve into the specifics of orders originating from QR codes. This level of granularity empowers businesses to fine-tune their marketing efforts, target specific customer segments, and offer personalized promotions or products. 

Integration with Analytics Tools 

By enabling UTM attribution tracking and integrating QR codes with tools like Google Analytics and Shopify, businesses can view QR codes as separate campaigns. This integration simplifies the process of attributing scans to specific QR codes, facilitating comprehensive data analysis. 

Precise Resource Allocation 

Advanced features enabled by QR code attribution assist in evaluating the performance of individual QR codes. This precision enables businesses to allocate resources effectively, focusing on campaigns that deliver the best results and optimizing those that underperform. 

Optimizing QR Code Design 

QR code attribution encourages businesses to optimize the design and placement of QR codes. For instance, if you notice that QR codes on certain products receive more scans, you can strategically place them on other high-traffic items. 

Continuous Improvement 

QR code attribution promotes an iterative approach to marketing. By constantly monitoring and analyzing customer behavior, businesses can adapt and evolve their strategies to meet changing customer preferences and market dynamics. 


QR code attribution is not just about tracking scans; it's about gaining profound insights into customer behavior.  
These insights will then empower online businesses to make informed decisions, refine their marketing strategies, and enhance the overall customer experience.  

In an era where understanding and catering to customer preferences are crucial, QR code attribution is a valuable tool that helps businesses thrive in the digital landscape.  

So, whether it is a small e-commerce store or a large online retailer, harnessing the power of QR code attribution to unlock the secrets of customers' actions and preferences.  
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