Unveiling the Hidden Potential of QR Codes in E-commerce

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Sally Wright Sep 5, 2023
Understanding your customers' behaviors and preferences is vital to achieving success in the eCommerce industry. But with its growing popularity today, finding your competitive is a major challenge that every Shopify store owner faces. 

This is where tracking QR code scans comes into play. Tracking provides valuable insights that can shape marketing strategies and boost conversions. 

So, how can businesses effectively track QR code scans? The answer lies in a tool known as the "QR Code Generator Hub app for Shopify."  

Integrating this free Shopify app with your store is a game-changer in elevating your marketing campaign. Its popularity and reliability make it a trusted choice for businesses seeking to harness the potential of QR codes. 

The Power of QR Codes in E-commerce 

Before delving into the tracking features of the app, let's first understand why QR codes have become a staple in e-commerce.  

Generally, with the fast advancement of technology, these pixelated barcodes are no longer constrained to scanning menus at restaurants. They now serve as gateways to a world of information and convenience for consumers. 

Think of it this way: A shopper strolls through a store, spots a QR code on a product, scans it with their smartphone, and voilà! They have access to detailed product information, reviews, and the option to make a purchase instantly.  

Simply put, QR codes help to bridge the gap between the physical and digital shopping experiences. Thus, making it easier for customers to access the information they need and make quick decisions. 

QR Code Generator Hub Shopify app Tracking Features 

Listed below are the app’s three key QR code tracking features: 

In-depth analysis with Detailed Data 

In the realm of QR code tracking, the ability to access detailed data is akin to peering beneath the surface of the ocean.  

While the basic statistics offer a quick overview of performance, the "view all" feature plunges you into the depths of granular insights. 

Here are some insights that you can find in the app’s dashboard: 
  • Geographic Locations: By knowing where your QR codes are scanned, you can tailor your marketing efforts to specific regions. Imagine discovering that a particular QR code is gaining traction in a city halfway across the globe. This knowledge empowers you to fine-tune your campaigns to target that specific demographic more effectively. 
  • Device and Browser Types: Understanding the types of devices and browsers used for scans is like deciphering a secret code. It tells you what platforms your audience prefers, enabling you to optimize your content for those specific devices and browsers. This level of customization enhances the user experience and increases the chances of conversion. 
  • Order Specifics: Delving into the specifics of orders generated through QR codes is akin to dissecting a complex puzzle. You can uncover valuable insights such as which products are popular among QR code users, their purchase patterns, and the revenue generated. Armed with this knowledge, you can make data-backed decisions to refine your product offerings and marketing strategies. 

Downloadable Reports for Further Analysis 

The data you have gathered from QR codes serves as your compass, guiding you toward success.  

The QR Code Generator Hub app offers the ability to download comprehensive reports, and these reports are your treasure trove of information.  

You can track gross sales, understand the revenue generated through QR codes, and calculate return on investment (ROI) with ease. 

The downloadable reports are also not just numbers; they are the raw materials for in-depth analysis. They serve as the foundation for your data-driven decision-making. With this information, you can identify recurring trends, identify strengths and weaknesses, and make informed choices about your marketing campaigns. 

Integration with Google Analytics 

Google Analytics integration helps to make your QR codes into separate campaigns. This means you can track the performance of each QR code with precision. You'll know which QR code is driving the most traffic, conversions, or revenue. 

This integration also allows you to attribute scans to specific QR codes in Shopify. You can see which QR code led to which order, providing a direct link between your QR code campaigns and your revenue. 

How to Track QR Code Scans with the QR Code Generator Hub app? 

Step 1: Start by installing the QR Code Generator Hub app from the Shopify store. Once the installation is finished, navigate to your admin panel. On the left-hand panel, locate and select "Apps," then proceed to click on "QR Code Hub" to activate the application. 

If you need guidance on downloading the app and creating Shopify QR codes, consult our instructional guide

Step 2: After launching "QR Code Hub," you'll encounter a variety of options below its interface. Opt for "Scans" among these choices, which will lead you to the dashboard. Here, you'll gain access to comprehensive analytics pertaining to the QR code scans within your inventory. 

Step 3: Within the Shopify QR code generator dashboard, you'll find detailed insights such as scan ratios per day, month, year, or even country. Additionally, you can identify between orders resulting from dynamic QR code scans and those associated with specific products. 

A beneficial feature of this QR code generator is the option to download each analysis. This ensures that you can review and analyze the data offline as well. 

Monitoring the scans of free QR codes in your Shopify store is essential for comprehending customer behavior, evaluating the efficacy of your marketing strategies, and optimizing your overall business performance. 


In conclusion, in-depth analysis, downloadable reports, and the power of Google Analytics integration make the QR Code Generator Hub app for Shopify an indispensable tool for eCommerce businesses today.  

It is now more than just about tracking scans; it's about understanding your audience, optimizing your campaigns, and maximizing your revenue.  

With this tool in your hand, you can navigate the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape with confidence, knowing that every scan is a step closer to success. 
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