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Jonathan Palley May 11, 2023
We have all seen and watched commercials on our home televisions. Whether you agree to this or not, the commercials you see on tv have somehow influenced your purchasing decisions.  

With this, it is no surprise if you have encountered at least one QR code whenever you are watching. And if you are a business, this is a great opportunity to engage with your target audiences. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of employing QR codes on TV commercials to boost your brand presence and scale your business.  

Advantages of Using QR Codes on TV Commercials 

There has been significant growth in the use of QR codes in the market today. These matrix codes are everywhere – from product packaging to print advertisements and even on your screens.  

The emergence of this small two-dimensional barcode has served to bridge the gap between traditional digital advertising. Thus, opening more opportunities to established and budding businesses from different industries.  

If you are one of these business owners looking to make a breakthrough in the market, here are some of the advantages of using QR codes for your business. 

Increased Engagement with the Audience 

Using a QR code offers a new level of engagement with TV commercials for audiences. Traditionally, TV advertisements focus on what their product has to offer and what audiences should expect from it.  

Although it is still the same today, adding QR codes added a twist to this form of advertisement. It served as another resource for the audiences to learn more about the service.  

For example, when a viewer scans the code, they will be directed to the landing page or another video advertisement containing detailed information about the product. Doing this increases the engagement level, encouraging the target to learn more about the ad and the brand behind it.  

Enhanced Brand Recognition and Awareness 

Adding QR codes to TV commercials also helps your business to increase its brand recognition. And although TV commercials already do that, QR codes help to elevate it further as it encourages the audience to scan them.  
By including a QR code, a business can easily direct them to a website, social media page or other online channel to take a certain action. It can be a recipe or a video tutorial on how to prepare the product.  

Trackable and Measure the Effectiveness of the Advertisement 

Lastly, QR codes can provide you with real-time data on the performance of your campaign. With this, you are able to gain access to valuable analytics on how effective your advertisement is.  

By using QR Code Generator Hub’s FREE tracking feature, you can gather data on how many people have interacted with the code in your advertisement. It also provides analytics on where the scans came from and their gender.  

These data are important for your business as this helps you identify the weak point of your campaign.  

QR codes have definitely revolutionized the way audiences interact with advertisements. And if you are a new business, this marketing tool is something that you should not overlook! 

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