Introducing o2oHub - a better and more ethical QR Code generator

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Jonathan Palley September 9, 12120

Earlier this year we launched a free QR Code app on Shopify. When we launched this app, we needed a brand name to launch it under. For the lack of a better idea, we used the brand name “Simple Seller Apps”.

We’ve been blown away by the response to our QR Code App. However, in talking to our users, we’ve also been disheartened by how corrupt the rest of the QR Code generator market is. So many of them have been scammed or force to pay for services they don’t need. Google QR Code Generator and you’ll find sites preying on non-tech savvy entrepreneurs and creators. So we’ve decided to fix that.

Over the coming months we will be launching a series of tools designed to make QR Code Generation easy, beautiful and trust-worthy with transparent pricing and solid, free offerings.

But, we needed a better name than Simple Seller Apps. It’s too long and doesn’t mean anything.

So, we are launching o2oHub The whole idea of QR Codes is to connect offline to online (hence o2o) and we want to be a resource for everyone who is doing this (hence the hub).

Stay tuned - more to come!

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